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    Scenes BBC Gangbang

    Hi Sorry for the 4 Stars. I didnt want to discourage you, the learning curve is steep and your scene is really nice. Keep it up. Unfortunately i also dont now how to fix the problem that the room is not added to the scene. Some creators place links to assets that are missing in the var in the...
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    Looks Strelok's Lara

    Great News Thanks! That is a nice way to transfer them.
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    Looks Strelok's Lara

    Awesome. Also the nipple Textures are out of this world. I cant look at models with lowres nipples anymore. Could anyone please show me an easy way to use the nipple textures on other models? Thanks in advance and sorry for my missing skills. (I have Creator VAM and im with vam since the...
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    Scenes Jaw Breaker 2 The Heel Grab Fixed and now Free

    Thanks for the fix. Scene shows up and works thanks.
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    Scenes Jaw Breaker 2 The Heel Grab Fixed and now Free

    Thanks for already fixing. The problem. Came here to ask about this exakt issue. "Scene" is not showing up. Not in scene browser and also not via the "open scene" menu. Thanks in advance
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    Scenes Succubus Release - Experimental Interactive Scene

    Thanks for the reply. If found the menu.
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    Scenes Succubus Release - Experimental Interactive Scene

    Is there a walktrough. I would like to check all the scenes but i keep getting errors at some point. Maybe even release a version where all options are available from the start. Thanks for the scene though.
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    Scenes XStoryPlayer - Chapter I (tribute)

    It would be great if you could update in var format so that your work can be apreciated. With the newest vam the rooms are not loading. Still great work. Thanks for the effort. EDIT: With a second try it works Thanks!
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    Comment by 'VAM12132312' in media '1605226687.png'

    Very nice. Care to share. Also in reply to the review. Masterful composition is very important in vam right now. The tools are available, what the community need is people that can compose. ;)
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    Question I have downloaded a ton of .var toys and put them in AddonPackages but none of them show up in the "add atom" menu. What am i missing?

    For the bonus question use this plugin: Just add it via the plugin tab to the character atom of the character you want to spank.
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    Scenes Free ''Idle'' animation for models,clothes and shoes visualisation

    Sorry for the stupid question but how can i "save" this animation to load it in another scene? Thanks in advance
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    Scenes Oral Fixation - 5 scenes

    Thanks. Well made, especially the second Screen is a great Idea!
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    Scenes Motion capture RISE OF THE MACHINES 2

    Thanks man Great help!
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    Plugins GiveMeFPS

    Thanks for the plugin and superstupid question: Where can i load session plugins? Is it under Person Plugins or somewhere else? Thanks in advance. EDIT: Sorry finally found it under "edit mode" in the tab that opens when one of the top left blue "Add Atom" or "Add Person Atom" is clicked.
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    Scenes Motion capture RISE OF THE MACHINES 2

    Supernice Content. However this scene doesnt start automatically. Yould you describe how to start and stop the playback manualy? Thanks in Advance
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