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    Question Can't find a once seen FPS limiter plugin...

    Hi guys... time ago i've seen an FPS Limiter plugin in the HUB. At that time, i tought i'll never need it but now... i've understood how much it can be usefull! In VR, i can run very simple scenes (1 person atom and 1 or 2 pixel lights) at 70 fps... and more complex scenes at 35 fps (quest 2...
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    Oculus Quest 2 - Newbie Need Help

    Hi guys! I've just got my hands on an Oculus Quest 2 and i have various questions but... let's start with: How many FPS should i achievie on the default scene with one girl and 3 light? My PC specs are: GPU GeForce GTX 1080, CPU Intel i7 6700K, RAM 16 GB DDR4. It seems that i can't get above...
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    I really need UI Atoms on HUD

    So... my scene is becoming complex and, since i don't have a VR Headset, i really really really (did i say "really"?) NEED the UI Atoms like UIButton, UISlider, etc. to stay on the HUD. Anyway possible?
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    Question It is possible to use Leap Motion in desktop mode?

    Hi guys! I've just subscribed. VAM is, finally, what i was waitng for... for a very long time! The power of modern GPUs, applied in a very (heigh quality) professional way to the adult entertainment world. That said... it is possible to use Leap Motion in desktop mode? If yes... how? I tried...
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