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    Looks Kenpra Jawes

    W(who/what)TF is this? 🤣
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    Clothing Basketball Boots for males.

    I want to appologize. I did not want to insult you or your work and I have not looked at your patreon pricing beforehand. But I use your barstool and display podium, thx. Are you saying you make money of ported content? This is something I would be really carefull about. Greetz
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    Clothing Basketball Boots for males.

    sry, to say this but this does not look "high quality" in terms of 3d-modelling/texturing. I think you should reconsider asking money for this. There are warps in the 3d mesh and textures and the lighting seems completely off (as for most of the clothing items on here). I don't want to rude...
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    Plugins Height Measure Plugin

    It was none of the above. I had render resolution at 2x (no idea why).
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    Plugins Height Measure Plugin

    I would really like this plugin to work, but I cannot see any measurements, only the lines, no text. Any ideas?
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    Clothing Simple Apron

    good stuff. what model skin texture is in the screens?
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    Question Emissive shapes?

    I figured it was possible through unity, but I thought I had done this in VAM before. I will try to make a CUA then. It should only look like something emitting a light and not actually be lighting the scene. thx
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    Question Emissive shapes?

    Does anyone know, how I could make sphere f.e., that ignores lighting and acts similar to the emissive panels that already exist in virtamate? I seem to remember, that I have done it before, but I may be wrong. Greetz, Fruitz
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    Question How to get rid of duplicates in morph section?

    there is a undo-plugin! ;) Also: morphs, that gome in var-packages are not in the file system.
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    Question Why the CPU usage drops significantly when mirrors are enabled?

    If you enable mirrors you are probably getting limited by your GPU-thread, that's why the load on the CPU is less. If you want to stop your CPU feom overheating you could try limiting your framerate. No program in existence I know of takes your CPU temps into consideration. Your issues are...
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    Eliminate duplicates properly?

    Sorry for reviving this thread, but it's getting ridiculous for me. I have so many duplicates that they sometimes stretch over two pages. The morphology tool only works, if the morphs are in the original morphs folder and does not work with vars or unpacked vars for that matter.
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    Looks TornCreations - Xenia (Look)

    The clothing textures are missing or referenced incorrectly.
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    Looks TornCreations - Xenia (Look)

    I really like many of your look. Not the typical completely over-the-top unrealistic proportions normally to be found here. But you have a serious problem with dependencies and clothing that is not linked, mentioned or to be found on the HUB. I think every look with clothing is not working for...
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    Looks [LOOK] Cat girl

    offline edit: not offline, but download link not working. THX alot
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    Plugins Eye Saccades

    If I gould set it below 0, it would be fixed. I think I have it at -4 normally. I know it seems minor, but its so obviozs in VR, that I wonder why I never heard anyone else mentioning it. It was fine some builds ago, as I have been away from VAM for a while.
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    Plugins Eye Saccades

    too bad, that the standard eye angle is offset and the models are always staring at your hair/forehead. If I enable this plugin I cannot offset the eye angle, as this plugin controls said angle. maybe you could add the offset in your plugin, as it would be a plugin I would add load as default.
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