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  1. Haliwod

    Assets Spidey paperbag mask

    Haliwod submitted a new resource: Spidey paperbag mask - A paperbag mask for those who fight crime... or crosses the line. Read more about this resource...
  2. Haliwod

    Assets Spidey paperbag mask 1

    A port of a nice mask model from Stetchfab. Model made by Venom1462 who was nice enough to give permission for texture alteration. For non-commercial use only.
  3. Haliwod

    Plugins Embody

    Hello, Acid Bubbles. Thanks for making so much cool stuff for VAM and this is no exception) I am having a lil issue tho I'm almost certain I'm missing smth here. I need to use Embody's passenger an animate head control. For example if I put a physics link on a hand and link it to another person...
  4. Haliwod

    Clothing Shirt + Jeans

    Mate, pleeeease consider creating another variation of the jeans. In the opened one the zip sides are sticking out a lot and thus it covers half of the dick. When you use it in the animations it appears as if it clips through a partners body. I guess mb adding sim to this part might be an idea...
  5. Haliwod

    Paid Looks Aayla Secura

  6. Haliwod

    Paid Clothing Condom: Dry, Wet, Torn, Full + customizable colors

    Yeah, mate. This is my always go to clothing and when I need to simulate someone busted a lot of nut Ima play with the distance scale and collision sliders but it doesnt exactly look like desired. If it is possible to add a variant with extra full, bulged condom tip this would be a blessing<3
  7. Haliwod

    Textures Simple Vagina Blush Texture Set

    More blushes plz. Mb think about the gens blush that spreads on inner thighs too.
  8. Haliwod

    Plugins VAMMoan

    Is there some way to make plugin sound louder then the inbuilt volume limitations or go past those limits? For example I wanna increase volume of squishes, or I wanna increase males voice volume instead of lowering females voice volume because low intencity male moans are too quiet sometimes...
  9. Haliwod

    Looks The Queen of Dragons!

    Where did you get that crown from?
  10. Haliwod

    Paid Looks Lionel

    Holy moly<3
  11. Haliwod

    Plugins WindControl+

    Hello. Wanted to clarify. Is it possible to make this plugin affect only hair or only cloth instead of both? If not - is this feature maybe planned? Thank's.
  12. Haliwod

    Scenes homeless NTR

    Fuck yeah! Love it, bro<3
  13. Haliwod

    Looks Taki

  14. Haliwod

    Assets Frame

    Dude, you have no idea how happy I am you made those. Thank's.
  15. Haliwod

    Scenes Skid Row - Environment

    Oh yessssss<3<3<3
  16. Haliwod

    Paid Scenes Proper Plank - Extended

    Holy moly. Dude those are some next level poses. You just keep surprising with each release :love:
  17. Haliwod

    Textures Kinky tattoos

    Finally some new pubic tats! Thanks, mate<3
  18. Haliwod

    Plugins DesktopClothGrab

    Such a useful plugin! Thanks. I don't know if it's possible, but can you try to add a feature like this: You grab cloth and position it the way you like and then you can leave the grab sphere in that position so the cloth stays grabbed.
  19. Haliwod

    Clothing Chaps Outfit Female and Futa

    Dude this is amazing <3 Could you please (PLEASE) add the female thong too? Thanks anyway.
  20. Haliwod

    Assets E-Girl Bedroom

    THanks so much, bro. Looks fantastic. And the movable chair was a must and you implemented it <3
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