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  1. Haliwod

    Assets Spidey paperbag mask

    Haliwod submitted a new resource: Spidey paperbag mask - A paperbag mask for those who fight crime... or crosses the line. Read more about this resource...
  2. Haliwod

    Answered Torn, ripped, transparent clothing effect creation

    Hello, kind ppl. Would be cool if someone could help me understand creation process of torn, ripped variations of clothing items. What is the easiest way to do this kind of things? Find the texture file and create torn patterns by "erasing" shapes? Mb there are some guides ot there concerning...
  3. Haliwod

    Answered Need help with sim clothing

    I noticed some ppl successfully kinda lock (for example) panties with sim in a position half dropped. What I mean is I want to understand what creators do to lock pulled down pants around thigh area. I'm aware of cloth grab sphere but i have a suspicion that there is an easier/more proper way to...
  4. Haliwod

    Condoms plz

    I managed to find a used condoms assets by @KorisakiGO on VAM Directory. I was wondering maybe anyone have a different version of used condoms? Prefferably colored. The thing is that it's much more fun to use colored condoms in scenes, and throwing around only white colored ones kinda breaks the...
  5. Haliwod

    Question Can I post here assets from legendary Sapuzex scenes on this hub?

    Can anyone tell me if I can post here assets from Sapuzex scenes on this hub like smartphone asset that has working cam from Cooking lesson scene or the laptop from Hospital isolation scene?
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