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    Plugins SlapStuff

    He did mention a paddle would also work ;) not the worst stop gap in the meantime.
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    Plugins AnimationPoser

    I'm a huge fan of IdlePoser, and I love what you're trying to do :) I just jumped in to see what this is capable of and I'm running into some issues. Are anchor points working correctly? I am trying to attach a hand to the hip, which are both on different layers, and when the hip moves the hand...
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    Plugins Timeline

    @Acid Bubbles Dang, I knew what I was doing was a bug XD. A happy accident for my purposes then! You summed it up perfectly, I was taking advantage of the blend time behaving in that way. I can see how both versions make sense. Although from the sound of it, I won't be able to abuse the 'same...
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    Plugins Timeline

    Hey thanks for the quick response! Hope the fix isn't too challenging. Just in case, I have some shots to describe the situation I'm seeing: Atoms in my scene: Setup Timeline on a person atom (I added 3 floats): Make some loop anims with different floats set to max on the first keyframe...
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    Plugins Timeline

    Hey love the plugin. Wanted to say that the newest version doesn't quite work for my purposes, as a lot of my animations I used "blend-in" overtop of themselves, often having several animations at different weight values in the same layer. It seems that the blend-in aspect of animations aren't...
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