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  1. Ellie W.

    Paid Looks Ellie W. 2024-04-22

    Ellie (2 looks - Alt.ver) Will be used in future projects
  2. M.I.R

    Paid Scenes M.I.R 2024-04-19

    Scene includes a speed slider More animations to come! Custom OST will be added in the next update Thank you for your support! <3
  3. Light-Night (FREE)

    Scenes Light-Night (FREE) 1.0 New animation

    A quick scene I threw together with (now three animations + a speed slider :p) Remeber dependencies from hub page Thanks to all the content creators who made this scene possible! <3
  4. Sundown (WIP)

    Paid Early-Access Scenes Sundown (WIP) 2024-03-28

    Work in progress. This is an early access scene. Remember to download dependencies from the Vamhub Page
  5. Josey

    Paid Looks Josey 2024-03-28

    New Look For Upcoming Scene Scene Tease:
  6. Tanja

    Paid Looks Tanja 1.0

  7. Project X -Tier 3 Version

    Paid Scenes Project X -Tier 3 Version 1.0 (8+New anims/3+New poses)

    Tier 3 Version of the ''Project X'' Scene 8+ new animations / 3 new poses
  8. Project ''X''

    Paid Scenes Project ''X'' 1.01

  9. Tira

    Looks Tira 1.0
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY

  10. Bad Guy

    Paid Looks Bad Guy 2024-01-24

  11. Minx

    Paid Looks Minx 1.0

    New all tier look
  12. Nadia_RZ

    Paid Looks Nadia_RZ 2024-01-21

    New Exclusive look
  13. Trainstop

    Paid Scenes Trainstop 1.0 (6+ new animations / 3+ new poses)

    Updated - (Doubleclick the buttons in the scene to ensure the layered animations will play) Want to use your own character? - choose your appearance preset Go into the root of ''Person'' - click on Control & physics 1 Scale your character to 0.900 - done
  14. The Trainstop

    Paid Scenes The Trainstop 0.9

    asset by VamTastic: https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/metro-subway.11092/
  15. Abandoned (NOW FREE)

    Scenes Abandoned (NOW FREE) 1.0 updated to var

    Multiple animations. Thanks to all the creators!
  16. Basement Lovers

    Paid Scenes Basement Lovers 1.0 (4+ new animations / 2+ new poses + fixes)

    New animations added + fixes
  17. Kat & D

    Paid Scenes Kat & D 1.0 updated to var

    Multilayered animations : 37 (animations / layers) in total. Updated to VAR
  18. The Restroom

    Scenes The Restroom 1.0 updated to var (FREE)
    Hub-Hosted VAR CC BY-NC-ND

    A big thank you to VAM_SlesaR for the great asset (MAP). And as always a big thank you to Acid Bubbles for the great plugin ''Timeline''! aswell as hazmhox plugin VAMMoan! Updated to var!
  19. Thunderstorm (Updated)

    Paid Scenes Thunderstorm (Updated) 1.0 updated to var

    A less rough scene for the lovers of the night ;P - updated to var - hair https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/windy-hair.946/
  20. Demon Slaying (now free)

    Scenes Demon Slaying (now free) 1.0 updated to var

    Updated to var Thank you all for your support <3 A big thanks to all the creators who made this scene possible! Street Enviroment by hazmhox https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/street-environment.8599/ Weapons by hazmhox...
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