Undress and please

Paid Early-Access Scenes Undress and please 2021-04-08

Early-Access End Date
Jun 10, 2021
Highly interactive scene where you may undress a woman and please her desire. This scene works best in VR.

I plan to expand this scene if this kind of content is welcome.

What should I work on next at this scene: more clothings, additional poses or improving the animations and adding events (squirt?) .

Tell me if you like it!

This scene is Paid Early Access and will be available for free on June 10th.

Scene contains following main features:
  • Possibility to change look
  • Idle animated character + expressions
  • interactive undress procedure in 4 steps
  • hands on procedure to please her with arousal driven animation, sounds (vammoan) and events

Work in progress:
  • additional undress procedure in a different position (from behind)
  • additional clothing presets to undress
  • expanding arousal driven events like squirting
  • further ideas...



Credits and thanks to:

AcidBubbles: Timeline

ClockwiseSilver: Expression Plugin

Dragontales: RealGaze.1

Epi: Lights

GeeMan55: Bra

hazmhox: Moans

Jackaroo: Expression Plugin

JayJayWon: ActionGrouper and VUML Plugin

kemenate: Morphs

MacGruber: Life and Screenshot Plugin

MeshedVR: VAM

Miki: Haircut

SupaRioAmateur: Nails

WrongTamago: Cloth textures
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