totally awesome basis scene alternate version

Other totally awesome basis scene alternate version 2

For people that like lots of nodes, but don't like manually moving all of them all the time.

I just tossed both the vibration morphs and physics buttons into the same scene, will include subscenes in var

Big thanks to the gravity control plugin by veerifter

apparently i didn't need an animation pattern to key everything in, it can be done on one logic brick or button, also four new buttons, gravity default and gravity zero, thx to veerifter's amazing plugin.
Added joint strength buttons, you can now switch to low, for extreme flexibility, and default, for default...

I switched over to logicbricks, since they don't have the same problems as a ton of animation patterns going off at random on load, it saves some frames also

A couch! With a reset button!

New Feature: you can adjust the duration of the "Off" time with a slider individually for each model.... so you can grab a head, move it to a new location and hit the head button.

Need more buttons for more models? Substitution method, change name of model to X, save new subscene, change model name back, new subscene, change other model's name to X, load the saved subscene

If you want to modify the buttons just save as a new subscene.

Ex(extremities) refers to hands, toes, head, and hip
Adjust time in "off" mode via slider
if its a sex anim, gravity to zero works best, pose the two models in the position you want, advance forward, move the hips in a direction, hit all ex ragdoll 2nd and key in... apply some delays as needed

also, you haven't really changed much(anything) if you don't hit the key in button for the model or in timeline itself, you can also undo changes by the physics buttons by moving the scrubber in timeline

If you want to apply the subscenes to a new scene, you'll have to change the model names there to match the saved subscene's targets

New interface:
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  1. feature creep!

    updated the buttons, now you have a joint strength button for extreme flexibility and a totally...

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