Study Buddy - Lite (Embody Update)

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EMBODY UPDATE (2nd try, fixed unused dependencies)

I've found an issue with the lip-sync not working properly when I was packing.

If you want to fix it: disable all the MacGruber Life plugins on the female + Set the head audio volume to 1 .. you may need to adjust the RT_LipSync_V2 sliders a little.

I'll repackage when I get the chance.

To celebrate the public release of Acid Bubble's Embody Plugin I've updated Study Buddy to take advantage of it.

This means you can stay 'in-body' throughout the scene bringing you closer to the action.

I've added a few things including; Embody Pose Improvements, Left or Right free hand Selection, & Erection Control ;)

I've also included a few more poses/scenes in the lite version

This is still fairly experimental so any feedback is welcome.

I have another scene coming soon!
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