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To celebrate the public release of Acid Bubble's Embody Plugin I've updated Study Buddy to take advantage of it.

This means you can stay 'in-body' throughout the scene bringing you closer to the action.

I've added a few things including; Embody Pose Improvements, Left or Right free hand Selection, & Erection Control ;)

I've also included a few more poses/scenes in the lite version

This is still fairly experimental so any feedback is welcome.

I have another scene coming soon!


Bec's parents have organized a tutor because she's falling behind in her university grades.
You have a tutoring session booked for 7pm.

It's taken a while but I'm finally ready to release my next scene. There’s still so much I would like to make better but I'll keep improving things in my next scene.

You can get the full version on my Patreon. I might release it with a few more parts unlocked in the future. I'm still experimenting with how I do this.

I did all the scene props & most of the clothing myself. I'm learning and iterating as I go which takes some time. I'm using this as a way to skill up which will help to make more interesting and bespoke scenes in the future.

Just to give an idea of the new things I've implemented:
  • Timeline 5 Improvements (works with Timeline 4)
    - Includes better hand animations by using leap motion for recording (I did this in a few scenes, it has a lot of potential, I can't wait to work with this more)
    - Increased Keyframes (I'm still experimenting with this, not sure if there are any performance issues but it really helps with more realistic motion.
  • Acidbubbles glance - Awesome, it adds so much life
  • Bec uses lipsynced computer-generated voice samples. I think she still sounds pretty cute but I'll probably use some real talent next time.
  • Acidbubbles Spawn Point
  • Audiomate for interactive sounds

Special thanks to:

Acidbubbles for Timeline 5, SpawnPoint & Glance.
RenVR for the Base Texture
AdamAnt5 for Realtime LipSync
Dub for AudioMate
Hunting-Succubus for the Enhanced Eyes
MacGruber Essentials & Life
NoStage3 UnityAssetVamifier
VaMChan Yurufuwa_bob

and of coursed MeshedVR along with all other contributors to the VAM community.

If you have any feedback let me know! Always interested to see what people think.

Here's a video preview of the full version:

Here's a video link from a VR perspective:


Lite Version - Embody Update:

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Wow, so much content, voice acting, context and everything, nice work!
Very fun sexy scene, I love her clothing also! Thank you :)
very immersive
fully made art work complete story in one scene, very creative and effective
Once you can do it all in one scene it's hard to go back to sub-scenes. Thanks!
Ok, the scene & animations are pretty great in themselves, but what really floors me is the alignment?

What kind of unholy magic is at work here?
Thanks for the review! hehe, yes there's a little bit of wizardry ;)

It's probably just having the "penisBaseControl" set to on... but a bit of trial an error to see what works with the pose. sometimes I'll parent the tip to the female's hip.. I still think the animations could be better, I might animate the male in the next one, although this is at the cost of being able to control him manually during the clips.
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