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Proof of concept movement scene using LogicBricks. There's a grab point above the pink circle, dragging it around will make the person follow it. It's far from perfect but it's better than nothing. I got bored for now so I wanted to share it in case I forget about it. I'm sure some of you will find it useful as it is.

The colored buttons on the board on the right are meant as direct UI actions. The other buttons act like functions. The board on the left is unused and can be removed, the one on the right is needed for the movement logic as well as the shapes under the floor.

how I did it:
It was actually quite easy and took only a few hours to do with LogicBricks. There's no other plugin logic involved. I had a subscene with a "dev board" with 20 buttons with a logicbrick attached to each of it which saved a lot of time. The board on the left is an example. On click they triggered their first plugin logicbrick. And on that logicbrick i added the actions. I used buttons as function holders and clicking them would trigger the function (for debugging/testing). Then there are some shapes under the floor which are linked to the person, on collision with the pointer they call a specific "function", like moveRight. I used VAM internal animations. Hit me up if you have any questions about it.

There's much better ways to do it, like through a plugin, but for me that's just boring and difficult to do.
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Wow that looks great, makes some exciting ideas, little minigames or having a model walk around the house or area while you relax, and call them over so they can travel to you and then trigger animations or subscenes when close. Really Cool if its possible.
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