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The transition between animations was bugging me so I made it a bit smoother with interpolation and got rid of the notice message that was appearing. I also cleaned up some of the animations that were too loopy.

- add the plugin to a Person in any scene
- from the plugin menu select a playlist and the animation will start playing
- select "none" as the playlist to stop or disable the plugin

I included a new scene I was playing around with as a demo, it requires https://hub.virtamate.com/resources/logicbricks.1975/ . The plugin itself is standalone.

Procedurally generates random dances and other movement using BVH animation pieces. Standalone and simple to use. I didn't go through all of the animations from start to end yet and some stuff might be off. Next version should have more randomness and better curated animations.

Demo scene included:

- ballet
- chill dance
- club dance
- idle
- modern dance (lots of variation here)
- posing (nice for quick photoshoots)
- sexy dance
- spicy dance

Other stuff:
- stretch (range of motion and some stretches)
- pole (buggy, no pole included)
- catwalk (buggy)

Speed variation:
- Constant: speed will remain constant to what's defined
- Variations 1-3: speed will oscilate in different ways, variation2 recommended for even more randomness
- Extreme: speed wil oscilate up and down a lot for a more dramatic effect

Simple Instructions:
- add SPQR.DanceGenerator.cs plugin to a Person
- select a Dance Playlist and enjoy


Heavily based on BVH Player 1.1.3 by ElkVR & VRAdultFun. Used animations from the BVH Animation Packs posted by Eyenstein. Daemon for making Ridley Weed, the 🔥 model in the video
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Latest updates

  1. v2.1 performance fix and crossfade

    - improved performance, removed some debug operations and logic i forgot that was redundant but...
  2. V2

    - added interpolation between animation - removed message that was appearing between animations...
  3. Fixed VAR package dependencies

    No dependencies for the plugin or the demo scene

Latest reviews

Nice, looking forward to future updates.
(gonna be negatives first while I can still remember the details, sorry!)
It would be extremely nice if the remote/menu board that you click on to change between dances is not like an apartment length away in distance. Even in the Demo video, you can see the creator having often to turn to the menu, run toward it, click on something, then run back to watch the model.... lol if it's a prank or comic tv show I get it, but it's so frustrating!

Then there are the fonts on the buttons, each one small, so for especially 1st-time users, we didn't design this menu board. We don't know which button says what. So we actually have to read it. And in order to read them, we have to also run toward it until we are beside it, press something, then turn and run back to watch. The whole thing made the couch asset and the table asset completely useless atmosphere-wise, and only slows down the loading of the scene if the whole scene is about us running around more than the girl dancing.

So I'm pretty sure I have exerted MORE CALORIES running around in this scene than the female model from dancing. Because of this frustrating UI, I just felt like closing the scene and load up something else as soon as I know what each animation looks like.

Without any music, or sound feedbacks, it was impossible to identify if pressing a button worked, or if i forgot to press it, or what type of music/dance the model is actually dancing to. Chill dance, club dance, modern dance, and sexy dance look like they all could switch around, put in a game show asking people to match them, and nobody would ever get it right. Having some music, or sound feedback announcing that "sexy dance coming up!" or any actual user feedback would result in a much less stressful, unknown, confusing, and unexciting UX. Creator definitely missed out on the cool college parties or need to do some serious "research" on even Pornhub.

Having said all that, the movements are smooth, unlike many animations I have seen, and are easily among the top 10% in dance animations. If only there is music...better UI and UX. Lack of professional oversight seems to come up with a product that unfortunately missed the usability and exciting mark by far...could pass off as an Alpha or Beta, not a final version. Would look forward to big improvements on the UI and UX, including the ability to sit or just stay at the couch unmoving, click a button or remote to bring up the menu, which can be minimized with a minus sign on the top right or something. Some music would be great too. Since it's a free scene, can easily use many free club beat etc sources available online.
The plugin definitely shows that the dance segments are, in general, not intended to flow into each other. But they still look pretty good. I hope you can continue to improve it.
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