Sonic Stage 2 - The Ultimate Dancing Scene Creation Suite

Scenes Sonic Stage 2 - The Ultimate Dancing Scene Creation Suite 2.02a

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Alone with Pluginidea's game-changing High Performance Volume Lighting plugin, here comes the

Sonic Stage 2 - The Ultimate Dancing Scene Creation Suite

an automatic/programmable audio visualization stage system, now supports Volumetric Light!

This is probably one of the most complex FREE scene you can get in VaM.

Demo Video - Everglow, Bon Bon Chocolat - 4K@60FPS Hi-Res







11/21/2022 Version 2.02 Release

- Replaced the demo with a much shorter (16 seconds) one.
- UI bug fix & a few new UI items.
- New premade timeline triggers.
- Upgraded the High Performance Volume Lighting plugin to the latest version.

- Realistic Volumetric Light, a huge thank to my buddy Pluginidea for his amazing High Performance Volume Lighting plugin.
- Automatic lighting visualization for your soundtracks.
- Build mainly using VaM native in-game shapes and objects.
- Almost every single atom is modularized, make it highly customizable and you will be able to chose different themes/light settings in the furture updates.
- a easy-to-use UI designed to give you more overall control and customization. (支持切换中文 UI 界面)
- Built in Keyboard shortcuts, use alpha num 0-9 to control all lighting groups (G1-G9) , press F2-F8 for different views.
- Switch between 4 different modes within one-click. MAX FPS mode will optimize your scene to a low resource consumption state, great for low-end hardware(tested on RTX1060s) and editing; Balanced mode has been designed more for daily enjoyment; Record & Edit mode gives you a separate interface to record or edit your visualization/animation; Deploy for Rendering mode will get your scene ready for frame-to-frame rendering.
- Timeline-ready premade triggers and other useful functions.
- MMD ready.
- Supports frame-to-frame video rendering.
- Backend audio amplifier and sound analysis are now powered by SallySoundFX 3
- Visualization from sound to lighting and EFX are now processed through MacGruber's LogicBricks 12
- VR is supported, kind of...

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Step One

Make sure you use in-game fouction to get all dependencies.

Step Two

Load your scene and make sure your sound track is being played through plugin controlled Audio Atom, it's named MMDPlayerAudio by default. It's safe to rename it to suit your needs unless you use ZHFX's MMDPlayer.

Please make sure SallySoundFX 3 plugin on this atom is active.

Special note for ZHFX's MMDPlayer users: unlike the previous version, you need to keep Audio Atom box unchecked!

Step Three

That's it, you are good to go.

Step 1: Freeze Motion/Sound, then go to your MMD or music player, click on Play.
Step 2: Click on More...->Options->Change your [Time Mode] to [Real Time].
Step 3: Select both #0 and #3_MacGruber.ValueRelay, mark them targeted for recording.
Step 4: Click on More...-> Record animation...
Step 5: Check on Record extends length.
Step 6: Again, please make sure your Time mode is [Real time (better timing)].
Step 7: Click on Start recording in x...
Step 8: Wait for the count down to finish then unfreeze motion/sound.
Step 9: Wait for your song to finish.
Step 10: Find __________Core/MMDPlayerAudio
and disable the plugin#0_Sally.SSFX_AVMASTER plugin.
Step 11: Run your Timeline animation to check the result.

To this point, your lightings are ready for Frame-to-Frame rendering, now remember:

---------------------------------- IMPORTANT!!! ----------------------------------

You have to put both
__________Core/Data Recorder
__________Core/Stage Mechanics
Timeline instances under [Game time] mode during the rendering process!!!

---------------------------------- IMPORTANT!!! ----------------------------------

Dependencies & Credits

AcidBubbles.ColliderEditor.38 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link:
AcidBubbles.SpawnPoint.5 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link:
AcidBubbles.Timeline.275 By: AcidBubbles License: CC BY-SA Link:
Blazedust.Script_ParentHoldLink.1 By: Blazedust License: FC
everlaster.Lumination.1 By: everlaster License: CC BY-SA Link:
hazmhox.crowdgenerator.2 By: hazmhox License: CC BY-SA
hazmhox.spacedust101.2 By: hazmhox License: CC BY-SA
JaxZoa.SimpleKeybindActions.6 By: JaxZoa License: CC BY-ND
ky1001.Searchlight.8 By: ky1001 License: CC BY-NC
lynyrd2473.Camera01_Free.latest By: lynyrd2473 License: CC BY-NC
MacGruber.LogicBricks.12 By: MacGruber License: PC EA Link:
MacGruber.PostMagic.3 By: MacGruber License: CC BY-SA Link:
MR.Flare_2.latest By: MR License: CC BY
MR.Flares.latest By: MR License: CC BY
NoStage3.Hair_Long_Upswept_Top_Bun.latest By: NoStage3 License: CC BY Link:
PluginIdea.HPVL.1 By: PluginIdea License: CC BY-SA Link:
PodFlower.HumanBirdCage.latest By: PodFlower License: CC BY Link:
Sally.SallySoundFX.3 By: Sally License: CC BY-SA Link:
Xstatic.MegaParticlePack.latest By: Xstatic License: CC BY

[Music & Lyrics]
Bon Bon Chocolat - EVERGLOW




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  1. Sorry guys, I left some postmagic settings on and that was not my intention, my apologies.

    Sorry guys, I left some Postmagic settings on and that was not my intention, same v2.02 package...
  2. Version 2.02 release

    - Replaced the demo with a much shorter (16 seconds) one. - UI bug fix & a few new UI items. -...

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love the scene. Just hope there is a way to run this in vr with my rig(3080)
a Lite version is coming soon
It's so powerful,Undoubtedly, this has pushed VAM to a new height.
All credit goes to you and your volumetric lighting. My Bro!
Remarkable and amazing, the best stage system so far in VAM!will done my dude.
How can I replace my own music with the default one and add motion data?
You can simply clear the audio and keyframes of that demo, then load your own tracks or motion using any MMD plugin or import some timeline motion.
Greatest work!!!!! How come you can use 5 characters without lagging, having a monster spec?
Frame-to-Frame rendering, in theory you can have as many characters as you want.
Can become a Nice Engine and API Stresstest
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