Sonic Stage 2.11 - Major Upgrade - The Ultimate Dancing Scene & Music Video Creation Suite

Scenes Sonic Stage 2.11 - Major Upgrade - The Ultimate Dancing Scene & Music Video Creation Suite 2.11e

2.11 Major Upgrade Release Preview Demo

Demo #1 BoA - Forgive Me

Demo #2 SECRET NUMBER - Got That Boom

What's New in 2.11

- Complete new stage design. Sonic Stage is now a full-scale live concert environment including a main stage at back and a platform at front end, you can use both of them for your artistic work.
- The massive lighting effects are now casted mostly by empty atoms for better performance.
- New visualization logic & imporved controllers which make the lighting reactions smarter and more accurate.
- New programmable LED Lighting system was implemented, thanks to Pluginidea for his new invention FakeLampBulb.
- Four LED screens, including two side screens plus a 360° round screen for live casting, and a center screen for playback of backround video, again thanks to Pluginidea for his SlideControl
- Additional customizable props that add more immersion to the live concert environment.
- If you are using ZHFX's MMD VMD Player 4.2.1(VaM1.21 compatible) version 4.2 or later, all lighting effects will be triggered in game-time(frame based time counter) during the Frame-to-Frame rendering process. There is no need to transfer data to timeline anymore. (see in-game instruction)

See main page for detail.

Sorry guys, I left some Postmagic settings on and that was not my intention, same v2.02 package reupload.
My apologies.

- Replaced the demo with a much shorter (16 seconds) one.
- UI bug fix & a few new UI items.
- New premade timeline triggers.
- Upgraded the High Performance Volume Lighting plugin to the latest version.
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