Smoking Babe with her lover

Scenes Smoking Babe with her lover 2

Short preview video of the new Mocap scene is here:

This is a scene inspired by my maid in London. She is Brazilian - and yes, she has a huge clitoris.

This is an updated version, with a long mocap, instead of the timeline animation.

I think it is a more pleasurable experience for her......

Thank you to all those talented artists and developers, including those listed in the dependencies text file attached.
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  1. New Mocap scene

    Cleared dependencies. Added new Mocap, in place of timeline

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Well done, Keep up the good work. try focusing on your dependencies. learn what's needed and what isn't and remove them. its tricky in vam my first few scenes had hundreds of them but i didn't realize what i was doing at that point. also when your going though them pay special attention to stuff that's not on the hub. you may be using paid content within your scenes and not realizing it.

Veteran Vammer ZRSX has a guide that everyone should read, very helpful on the VAR creation process.
Thank you. Ill take a look
Welcome and thanks for the share!
Since you asked for feedback:
A Play Button in the scene would be better than having to go into the timeline plugin to start.

But hey that is advanced stuff so thanks again. ;)
Thank you. Ill work on a slider
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