SlideControl(Player Edition) - A Big Screen Player (大屏播放器)

Plugins SlideControl(Player Edition) - A Big Screen Player (大屏播放器) 3.6

(Important) Description of Player Edition:
The Player Edition has complete functions and does not affect the normal use effect. In other words, for example, a creator used this plug-in to create a scene for players to play. Players only need to download this Player Edition to experience all the effects brought by this plugin in the scene, without any additional operations. This is more convenient for creators to share. But if you need to customize the content of this plug-in or want to use it in other scenarios, You need to activate the Creator Edition. please support the author's development. Go to the support page through the link in the plugin panel And Get the activation code of the Creator Edition.

(Important)This plug-in is a member of my creator's general plug-in package. Except for a few special creator plug-ins, my other creator plug-ins will also join in one after another. This means that for creators, you can unlock all the plug-ins in my Universal Creator package for free as long as you get the Universal Creator version activation code once. If you don't support this approach or have concerns, you can also wait for a while. At some point in the future, all locks will be removed.

More detailed information about "creator's general plug-in package"

Please check the update log for details.
Displays information about the currently played picture or video.

Several new video playback modes have been added.

3.4 :
1. Video loops are supported when rendering frame by frame.
2. Fixed failure of rendering black screen frame by frame when adding a position camera.

3.3 :
1. It is convenient to cut the picture vertically, which is very useful in some scene layout(Watch the video for details.).
2. More video format support (all mainstream video formats).
".asf", ".avi", ".dv", ".m4v", ".mov", ".mp4", ".mpg", ".mpeg", ".ogv", ".vp8", ".webm", ".wmv"
3. The aspect ratio of the camera view supports customization.
4. Support browsing and playing the picture folder in var!

3.2 :
1. Support camera view. And through performance optimization. You can easily switch between multiple cameras.

How to use :
Add Empty -> Add Plugin -> Select Folder -> All done.

About frame-by-frame rendering

Camera View Support :


1)Create Camera : Create a empty Atom, Add "Camera_Marker.cslist".
2)Click the "Refresh camera list" button. Then select the camera atom in the drop-down list.

Demo Video :

For Camera View :

Demo Scene :
Scenes - Demo Scene For SlideControl Plugin | Virt-A-Mate Hub (
Scenes - SlideControDemo_For_Var_Built-in-Pictures | Virt-A-Mate Hub (


Creadit :
- Some of the UI code references MacGrubber's MacGrubber_Utils.cs
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Latest updates

  1. Displays information about the currently played picture or video.

    Displays information about the currently played picture or video.
  2. Support new video playback mode

    Several new video playback modes have been added.
  3. Frame-by-frame rendering related optimization and repair.

    1. Video loops are supported when rendering frame by frame. 2. Fixed failure of rendering black...

Latest reviews

very buggy
If there is a bug in the plug-in, please feedback the specific situation directly.
I love this. You definitely have some great plugin ideas. The wraparound effect if very cool in VR. Once I saw this plugin I knew I needed to use it for a closing credits scene.
One issue though: I couldn't figure out how to "reset" the slides to the 1st file in the selected folder. I'm having trouble reliably starting from the 1st slide. It always just picks up where it left off.
great job!
Useful resource. I’m interested to see what people do with it
this is amazing, wish there was more stuff like this made in vam. awesome work and thanks for sharing! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Thank you for great plugins. Now I'm subcribing to your Patreon
Thanks! I will continue to produce high quality content.
I may just replace my image panel emissive backgrounds with this. This is a pretty neat plugin. Thank you!
oh, Thanks for your affirmation. I'm so glad it can help you :)
Surprising idea, a way better to present our work to the Board with that, than with powerpoint :)
Thanks for your affirmation.
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