SlideControl Media Player(Player Edition) - A Big Screen Player

Plugins SlideControl Media Player(Player Edition) - A Big Screen Player

Displays information about the currently played picture or video.
Several new video playback modes have been added.
1. Video loops are supported when rendering frame by frame.
2. Fixed failure of rendering black screen frame by frame when adding a position camera.
1. It is convenient to cut the picture vertically, which is very useful in some scene layout(Watch the video for details.).

2. More video format support (all mainstream video formats).
".asf", ".avi", ".dv", ".m4v", ".mov", ".mp4", ".mpg", ".mpeg", ".ogv", ".vp8", ".webm", ".wmv"
3. The aspect ratio of the camera view supports customization.

4. Support browsing and playing the picture folder in var!
1. Support camera view. And through performance optimization. You can easily switch between multiple cameras.

How to use :
1)Create Camera : Create a empty Atom, Add "Camera_Marker.cslist".
2)Click the "Refresh camera list" button. Then select the camera atom in the drop-down list.

2. Support multiple SlideControl share a camera view.
3. Support loading pictures in var.
4. core bugs fix.


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Picture playback small bug fix.
Lots of updates and UI optimization.
Picture playback support folder nesting.
1. New Feature :
Automatically adapt to picture scale. Don't worry about the picture being stretched.

2. Native language localization is supported, and now English and Chinese are supported.

3. Critical bug fixes. Solve the bug of loading picture color space distortion and incorrect picture display.
Optimize, add new transition effects and animation curves.
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