Redzhayna Lite

Looks Redzhayna Lite V4.1

Just fixed the Vaginal Textures not showing up correctly.
  • New Hair from Oeshi
  • New face morhps with softer features
  • New skin from RenVR
  • Bug Fixing.
  • Cleaner Look.
  • Packed Everything Into the .var (This means you may have multiples of the same item if already downloaded).
  • Added New Ponytail Hair, old hair also in the AppearancePresets Tab.
Changes in V2:

  1. Brought Back the Old Redzhayna Skin for Appearance V2
  2. Updated the Face Morphs, making her Jaw Less Sharp mainly for Appearance V2
  3. Alternative hair for Appearance V2
  4. Appearance V1 is still kept in the Pack, just changed name to Appearance V1
  5. Removed Hair from AddonPackages, now required to download.
In order to get the Hub Hosted VAR tag I've removed these 2 mods:
  1. Anime Kunai Blush Pack (Because its paid)
  2. Hunting Succubus HD Nipple (Because its on patreon)
I'll be using Redzhayna for my Scenes from now on, keeping her lite is the way to go.

  1. Morph changes (Face mostly)
  2. Normal maps and textures from Sana Look.
  3. No more clothing, just fully naked with Hunting Succubus eyes.
  4. Lighter Dependencies, easier to download and use for my scenes
  5. Height scale is 1, most looks should work fine replacing her on a scene.
  6. Palm and Feet Redness Decal added Automatically. Still download their Mod for support.u
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