Porting Blender Models to VAM - Wrap2020 Tutorial

Guides Porting Blender Models to VAM - Wrap2020 Tutorial 1.4

Thank you so much for this tutorial!
A lot of useful info, Thanks for the guide.
Thank you!
Wanted to learn to import models myself, and this guide worked like a charm. Thank you!
This is exactly the kind of guide I need for porting Blender models into VAM. Excellent
Great, thanks for the help.
Very helpful!
Fantastic review. Very helpful and easy to follow guide, and everything went smoothly.
Super job on this, I have seen so many blender video tutorials on the internet for Daz or iclone conversions this is so inclusive and well written, I am going top put ti right to work. Thank you for sharing your expertise and knowledge!
Awesome work!
Guides for bringing more content to VAM is always excellent. Thanks for working at this and sharing it with everyone
I've been using blender for years, thanks you for your effort putting together this document explaining the additional tools you use and how to do it. I'm sure you spent hours and hours banging your head and even more hours waiting for everything to load and test and load and wait and load and test and damn I forgot that one click.. start over.. I know the frustration and joy of success. Great job!
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