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Not a rework but a resurrection!

Looks Not a rework but a resurrection! 2.0

She was my first big and successful release in 2020 - and shall be my first release again in the new year 2021. This girl was made in collaboration with my favourite creators. The Skin textures are from RenVR, the clothes were created by MR_Cadillac. The hair was styled by VamChan and Roac. The morphs and facetextures and "special" Makeup comes from me.

I wish you all a healthy and happy new year - and thank you very much for your dedicated support, feel my big hug!

First release
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Latest updates

  1. Not a rework but a resurrection! (update)

    I uploadet an updated Version (2021.3) - better face morphs and all morphs are no longer merged!!

Latest reviews

Body really isn't looking good. But the face is perfect.
Great attention to details. Thank you for giving her away :^
Update FPS Fix is out. U can dowload here => https://www.patreon.com/posts/update-fps-fix-45744649
I think it's the most faithful representation I've ever seen from HQ
Excellent as always.
Great resurrection!
But maybe needs a tweak from MR_Cadillac? Big drop in fps when boots are active/on.
Checked all pieces of clothing, but only happens with boots.
a resurrection indeed. just earlier thought how there really isn't a top quality harley of nearly any type out there....costumes....resources etc yes...but an actual good model there wasnt one......until now.
Wow, what a great start into 2021!
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