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"PDF Weekender Girl Stage" By @Endiness2k (not included)


I always felt like she was retro Zero Two, in a good way. If you liked Gurren Lagann or Darling in The Franxx, you really need to watch Diebuster.

Comes with the clothing shown in the screenshots, make sure CUA Manager is downloaded and if you recently updated VaM, then get the latest CUA Manager version to be safe.

Package Includes:
  1. Full Morphs
  2. Clothes
  3. Textures
  4. Hair
  5. Collider Editor Preset

Feel free to join my new Discord server, I'll be holding character polls, and sharing work in progress pictures there. Commission Information is there as well. If you need help you can also message me on Discord at McZippy#3094 or on the hub.

Important Note:
I noticed that anime style looks may have bugged colliders due to their face and body shape, which may cause issues such as lower jaws opening by themselves or twitchy toes.
So I included @Acid Bubbles 's Collider Editor plugin to fix it with a preset setting loaded, which you can save as a plugin preset to use across most looks. The link to the Collider Editor is linked below and If you are unsure you can follow the following instructions or reach me by DM or discord:

Collider Preset (1).png

Notes :
  1. Turn off soft body colliders to be safe

Essential Dependencies :
Spacedog Import Reloaded Lite, By: Spacedog, Link:
AutoMorphsFromEasyMate, By: Qbase, Link:
EyesIrisFixes, By: Trety, Link:
Collider Editor, By: Acid Bubbles, Link:

CUA Downloads (Essential) :
CUA Manager (hair), by Blazedust :
Parent Hold Link, by Blazedust :

Shader, Stage and Effects (Non-Essential) :
Colortone, By: TiSeb, Link:
Emissive Eyes reflection/shadows, By: SupaRioAmateur, Link: Pose Credit: Luminestrial

Also a big Special Thanks to the VAM Moderators and people on the NoOC Discord!
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