[NHNL] R280 : Dangerous Ass of Life Sucker

Paid Scenes [NHNL] R280 : Dangerous Ass of Life Sucker a

Introduction :

Demo at begin :

Demo at end :

Another ass lover series but with QTE like logic build.

What is QTE like system ?

Each time you trigger the QTE action, system will generate a random :
Playing animation, Iteration number, Preview angle, Character voice & speech text.

All merging together causing a unique experience.

Scene story :

This time you play a role as mistress ... bully the poor cow boys.
Squeezing he milk with you super butt then forcing he drink back.
He stick will going harder & harder when milk level reaching max.
The milk explosion occur to decreasing he life point .

In the end, the poor cow boys will became a zombie with super-dick.

# Dramatic & details animation, procedure based.

# Full female voice & juicy sound effect.
# QTE like system
# Cinematic level.

# Multi-camera preview.

Instruction :

1. Load a scene, select male atom.
2. Select male morph and checked "Only Active". then click "Zero > Shown".


1. Recommend for eye-mask of blind-fold for female wearing item.
2. Do not apply extreme custom looks to female character.

3. Custom look & outfit not included.

" Taking so long time to debug it .... damn it ! "
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