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Remember to tap refresh before saving appearance

- Filter and adjust morphs that affects specific body parts, with an accurate filtering by evaluating the vertex included in the morph
- Copy & Paste morphs in text format. You can paste the morphs into the notepad.
- Partially mix two appearances by choosing a region

Regional morph mix

Morph copy and heel fix

Hope this can substitute the meaningless morph categories one day.

Adopted most of the codes form MorphMerger v1.0.7 (by ProjectCanyon, chokaphi)
This script also inherits MIT license from ProjectCanyon

You can create a custom custom vertex filter with my blender script.
Export G2 character from DAZ Studio in the fbx format and import it into the blender.
Select vertices in the edit mode, and run the script. The indices should appear in the system console.
Please send it to me if you find an useful vertex filter!

Known bugs:
Auto refresh sometimes work incorrectly.
Just tap refresh when something is going wrong
Just tap load twice when load is going wrong

I am coding and testing myself (and that is why I am releasing fixes frequently..), any report or suggestion would be appreciated :D
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Latest updates

  1. v11

    Added Face and Body option to the morph mixer & Bug fixes
  2. v10

    Added partial morph mix feature (see the video!)
  3. v9

    Added function to smoothly initialize selected region before paste UI fix

Latest reviews

This beyond what I hoped for! wait, does it say export g2 to daz or I am seeing things?
Very nice. Thank you!
It seems to be promising but whatever I choose in the "Select Mix Region" it's always the complete charcater which is merged or nothing.
if I select face or mouth, everithing is merged.
if I select body or nose, nothing is merged.
I just want to take the head of one charcater and merge it to another one. Is there a simple procedure for that purpose?
Must have plugin!
Great, can someone tell me how to save the appearance, whenever I save and load the changes are not saved.
Great, but written docs would be still greater - when I try to mix 2 looks, copy 8 looks from just one area, paste them into slot in destination person and then load them - whole person 2 changes, not only the area of 8 selected morphs!

Must have
Tá bom
So far the best tool to merge qualities in 2 person into one. In addtion to this, face merging & body merging can be done separately, absolutely worth trying for everyone.
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