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This is just my vision of other characters for "Investigation of Meridiana" that could be in a game. made out of vam's community assets. There were a lot of tweaks for the faces. Made sure characters don't look alike, because I used the same source model from trety. Names of new characters: Alessandra (brown), Esmeralda (black), Estella (white), Roselyn (red)
-Load the scene without any lightning in user preferences, because you will get 2 fps/ This scene is only for character export anyway, you don't need to play it.
-Also you will need to download 'accessories pack' from Frostbane3d for the triclets on foreheads. It is not hub-hosted

-Characters in this scene use titty magic for gravity. Breasts will look different without it
-Meridiana source model by
-Orc included. I don't think it will be compatible with your other scenes because of many proportions changes, but you can try anyway
-Also when you switch clothes presets, you will remove 'enchanced eyes' setting of Surface Offset of -0,0010, because the source model was resculpted and additional tweaks for eyes were needed

Part 2:


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    -There was a problem with make up textures loading. Don't know if you had the same issue, but...
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The dependency was like a mess, could you pls optimize it a bit and only include the absolutely necessary part for the character? Also the game crash when texture are loaded even with lowest graphical setting, could you pls upload separate packages? Like 1~2 characters per scene etc.
I think that separate version of this resource is needed, where there will be no clothes and even environment for minimal dependencies. Also I will update this version with switch buttons to load only one specific look at the time. Just have to wait until my hands will get to VAM again in a week or something
The boobs crew <3 <3
Very Very sexy
from time to time i like a good cartoony look. this is definitely one of them. well done :D
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