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Releasing some features from something bigger i'm trying to work on (WxM) as standalone plugins. While AETools is a pack more about logic and features that allow more complex operations for advanced users, MagicAtoms is focused on adding new very specific functionality to some of the vam atoms in a way that's easy to use by most vam users

Bondage Trigger (v1)
- add BondageTrigger.cslist to a CollisionTrigger atom
- whenever a hand or a foot will collide with it, it will automatically make it stick to that position
- to release the hand or foot, just drag it away and it will return to the previous state
- use the plugin ui dropdown to set a custom state if you want to force it to return to something specific (on/off/comply)

Shaky Cam (v2)
- add to a WindowCamera atom, makes the camera shake a bit
- one slider in the plugin UI allowing to increase/decrease the shakiness
- on desktop you can press M to view/escape the window camera view. In VR the desktop will automatically show the WindowCamera if the camera is On

Gravity (v3)
- add to a SCENE Plugins or any atom
- it allows changing the game physics force of gravity with triggers
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Latest updates

  1. v3: added Gravity plugin

    allows changing the gravity with triggers

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This is perfect. I'll make good use of it.
While I don't have yet a use for these a huge thank you for all the excellent work and ideas you've been implementing and sharing.
thank you!
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