Lumi's Standing Pose Pack

Other Lumi's Standing Pose Pack 2.1

10 new poses have been added to the pack. Adjustments to other poses have been made. Mirrored poses have been moved to its own separate folder instead of being integrated with the normal poses (I will start moving mirrored poses to another folder with other pose packs in the future).
  • 8 new poses have been added in to this pose pack with more to come in the future.
  • Reworked some of the poses to make them feel more natural.
  • Minor adjustments to existing poses.
  • Changed name from "Standing Pose Collection" to "Standing Pose Pack."
Unchecked the "Store Root In Pose" option for all poses. All poses should now load where the character is placed instead of the character teleporting to the exact center of the scene.
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