Plugins LightMeUp 5

Now you can change the shortcuts this plugin uses (-> Advanced Options). It also can be fully driven by AcidBubbles Keybindings plugin. For that to work you have to enable it the UI. This disables the native shortcuts.

Plus a few other changes here and there.
The previous shortcuts have changed slightly + there are additional ones (intensity etc.). See main post for more info.
If the global toggle state is off (default after loading), every hotkey toggles it to on, like the Numpad+ key.
I also increased the default angle of the spot lights from 90 to 120 degrees for VR. Depending on the FOV of your headset you could otherwise see the lights fall off, leading to the impression of a torch light, which is not intended by default.
The plugin should now load flawlessly as a session-default.
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