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You want to watch your favourite scene from a different perspective, but that specific angle your interested in isn't lit well? Does your favourite scene creator give a shit about lighting? Don't worry, just install this plugin.

This plugin will spawn up to three headlights (no atoms = no scene clutter) parented to the camera view. One in the center facing forward, and an additional one on each side, tilted to light up the objects in front of you. By default, the center one is white, the left is warm and the right one is cold. In the plugin-UI you get the usual parameters to change the color, intensity, range, etc.

But the best part is the usabilty while playing: You get additional buttons to the right of the version number in the main HUD. Here you can toggle each of the lights. The color of the buttons corresponds to the color of the light. Additionally, you can toggle each light with the following native shortcuts:

Numpad/ = toggle left
Numpad* = toggle center
Numpad- = toggle right
Numpad+= toggle all
, remembering the state it was previously in

Tap and hold = increase intensity of the light/all lights
Double tap and hold = decrease intensity of the light/all lights

[LeftAlt]Numpad+ = toggle all scene lights (only invisible lights for now; remembering which were currently on and off)
[LeftAlt]Numpad<other> = swap L/R colors
[CTRL]<any> = reset intensity of the light/all lights
[Shift]<any> = toggle shadows of the light/side lights

These shortcuts can be changed in the UI. Alternatively, you can use AcidBubbles Keybindings to drive this plugin.

I'd recommend adding this to your default session plugins. As long as you don't toggle it on, it has no impact on performance, aside from waiting for key strokes. If you encounter any spot that is badly lit, just press Numpad+. If the lighting of the scene is not appealing to you at all, just toggle the lights present ([LeftAlt]Numpad+) and toggle on the headlights (Numpad+). The three colored lights provide a really good looking experience on their own, and they are always on spot!

If you are scene creator and don't want to mess with sophisticated lighting, you could also add this as a scene plugin or add it to any atom in the scene. The values you set (colors etc.) are saved with the scene.

The lights are disabled by default to not mess with every scene you load. Press Numpad+ or the button beneath the version number to enable them.

Advanced: In the plugin UI there is also a feature to auto focus the two side lights. But this is only necessary if you decrease the radius of the spot lights to get a real torch light feeling. This involves a raycast every frame (a bit expensive), so I would not recommend that unless necessary. Maybe i'll add a spooky "alone in the forrest" mode in the future to put it to use.
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Latest reviews

Works so well it almost makes me forget to light the scenes up!
i appreciate this so much. i lit up (pun intended) like a little kid when i hit num+ and could see 😁
Hehe ;) Thanks for the rating!
No more fiddling around with scenes light settings.
When starting in darkness for example and you want to swap a character at the beginning smash Numpad+.

To avoid a flat unnatural look I prefer it with left/right on and center off.
Will modify it with two additional keys to increase/decrease intensity quickly.
Great idea! I was planing to add some sliders (beneath the FOV slider) but using keys is probably even more convenient (and way less of a hassle to implement). Stay tuned for a new version!
This is maybe one of the most useful plugins I've ever seen. Something so simple that makes so many assets and environments so much less of a hassle. I really hope other users download this for their own sake and I would love if this was just built into VAM. The least cumbersome approach to lighting there is. Thanks for making!
Thank you so much! I'm glad you find it that useful :)
Ok, this legit helps a lot for someone like me who sucks at lighting. Instead of always moving the ones you already have in the scene, every time you change position of the characters, you can leave those there and instead just activate this one. Amazing.
Thank's for the kind review! Scene creation is definitely a very good usecase of the plugin. Set up poses first and care about lighting later on.
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