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KDoll Mk8 upload's complete.
This character was created in VAM 1.19+.
Reshade was used for the public images. (Use by Own Preset)

1. Hair
VirtualREM's REM Long7ALTv2(https://www.patreon.com/posts/37925076) + Oeshii's Neves(Paid) Hair Extras(https://www.patreon.com/join/oeshii/checkout?rid=2804196&redirect_uri=/posts/neve-look-and-33529626)
2. Skin: Self-correction based on kay texutre
3. Etc: Kemenate's Iris Reflection
* Clothes/hairs not included.
* Please check KdollMASTA.K_Doll_Mk8.6.var.depend.txt for details.

Thanks for using my K Dolls. Please torment her freely.
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  1. K Doll Mk8

    Fixed unnecessary error messages. Removed eye reflection (by ren).

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Very sexy girl, thanks! Could you please share which is the outfit on the fourth picture? (the body suit). This just looks sooo nice on her :-)
love you and your girls
Love this creators looks, and once again they deliver!
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