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Scenes Jaw Breaker Lite 2021-04-05

My original version no longer works without in its original form, as one of the recent updates changed how the "hold" works on nodes when using animation patterns, so I've made an updated version, and eliminated some bloat so that I can host the file here on the hub, and improve performance. I think everything I used is available here on the hub. I am going to see if I can take down the link for the old version, since it won't work without some tinkering.

Swapping out the girl with other looks works pretty well as long as the model is about the same size. If you swap her out with some of the smaller model girls, your just going to bruise her fore head and break your dick ;)

Also noteworthy, I implemented use of the cycle force plugin to simulate her breathing, instead of my old favorite plug-in by just looking for nothing due some license issues with that plug-in. Because of this, sometimes the due will miss if the girl is on the end of her "exhale" cycle. Makes it look like she's dodging.......

Thank you and I hope you enjoy ;)

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Thank you my friend! I was really like this scene. Good to see, you actually still making and fixing scenes!
Thanks man. I will always be in and out in spurts. That is how I have always been. I'll get inspired to make things for a bit, then I get bored or busy with work and step away for a bit. Then I'll eventually be back ;).
Thanks for foxing old scenes. What is in the "non" lite version?
The old version had more scene props, for clutter fill, an older one of my looks, randomizer plugins, a different breathing plugin, and some chains and shackles from MacGrubers secret room stuff, and a toilet instead of a chair. It was a rather large file that I couldn't host here on the hub. So since it was a bit broken in its form, I just went ahead overhauled it for reduction.
This looks so awesome!
Thanks! It is a rather simple scene though, as most of mine are. My scenes are meant to be simple and easy to enjoy without much fuss. I have several I have to go back and fix now though.........Glad you liked it.
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