Jaw Breaker 2 The Heel Grab Fixed and now Free

Scenes Jaw Breaker 2 The Heel Grab Fixed and now Free 2.5

Apologies to the few hundred of you that downloaded the previous version. I still don't know why VAM packaged the previous version the way it did, but I did find a way to avoid that happening.

If anyone is interested, this is what happened:
When saving the scene, I was using the "Open Package Builder Icon" from the tool bar box, and adding the files from the file browsers there. Everything looked correct and the scene seemed to package correctly, except it would not show up in the "Scenes" for loading.

What fixed this, was NOT using the icon to open the package builder, but instead using the tab to "Save Scene and Add to New Package". Filled in all the information the same way and voila, it worked.

Again sorry for the inconvenience. Now I know and hopefully this won't happen again.
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