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Guides Import genesis 8 character to vam(with pictures) 2021-04-20

Same Guide without pictures

*Any deviations from the instructions are at your own risk or if you know better than me. If so, let me know.

This manual is saved in PDF, you can download it together with the ZIP file

1) Download

2) Unzip to C:\Users\%USER%\Documents\DAZ 3D\Studio\My Library\Presets\Poses

3) Open DAZ3D

4) Add genesis 8 character to the scene

5) Adjust to your liking

6) Set scale to 100%

7) Find and select the T-Pose-Gen2 pose in Saved Files(right panel - Posing -> Presets -> Saved Files) or here(left panel - Content Library -> My Library-> Presets -> Poses)

8) Add a new genesis 2 character to the scene

9) Select "fit genesis 2 to..." with settings(uncheck Parent To Target and select Genesis 2 Male\Female with Full-Body)

10) Wait until the fitting is finished and until the DAZ3D stops lagging


11) Go to genesis 2 parameters and change the Resolution Level to Base

12) Hide genesis 8 and all its nodes

13) Export genesis 2 as an obj file(File->Export->.obj) with these parameters(To: DAZ Studio)
Check that the size of the obj file is less than 4 mb. If more - check that the Resolution Level is set to Base and only the figure genesis 2 is visible on the scene

14) Add a new genesis 2 to the scene(Or create a new scene and add a new genesis 2 to it)

15) Choose genesis 2(2)

16) Open Morph Loader Pro (Edit -> Figure -> Morph Loader Pro)

17) Select our obj file and set its Reverse Deformations to yes

18)Let's set up a new parameter(Parameters -> Morphs -> Morph Loaded)
Set the min value to 0

19) Now let's adjust the rig(Edit - Figure - Rigging - Adjust Rigging To Shape)

20) Enabling Edit Mode(Parameters->Morphs -> Morph Loaded -> RMB -> Edit Mode)

21) Setting up the ERC Freeze...(Parameters->Morphs -> Morph Loaded -> RMB ->ERC Freeze)
Some people need to uncheck restore figure to prevent reverts rigging to the premorph state.

22) Saving a new morph(File - Save As - Support Asset - Morph Asset)


23) Find our .dsf file (...\DazLibrary\data\DAZ 3D\Genesis 2\Female\Morphs\...\Product\) and copy it into the VAM directory(...\VaM 1.19 Clean\Custom\Atom\Person\Morphs\female\)

24) Launch VAM (Or do a reset - Main UI -> File -> Hard Reset)

25) Add person (Scene Add Atom -> People -> Person -> Add Atom)

26) Find our morph and apply it to the person (Select -> Person -> Control -> Male\Famale Morphs)

27) Done!
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Awesome guide. But there a slight difference in the provided pose, the legs doesn't match the G8 body exactly. To fix this set Pose Controls>Legs Spread to 3.5% for the G8 character.
Edited from "I appreciate the effort but it shows error for me, When I tried loading morph it says the geometry didn't match, I tried with multiple carecters but same error."

Actually I had to delete eyelash from gen 8. And everything worked after that.
Just tried this; took it really slow as I'm new to DAZ, made a couple of mistakes, but then it worked great :D
Great job with the guide +1
Great Guide! Is there a similar tutorial for converting G8 textures to G2?
This is awesome, however I am having a small issue when initially exporting the OBJ, as even with the recommended settings my file is still larger than 4 Mb, anything else I can try? Thank you
It seems you have some other items in addition to the model itself. Reminder: the model must be completely naked, without eyebrows, hair, or anything not directly related to the model.
Geometry did not match, failed to create morph.
Do you know what it could be? I did everything it asks there and I got stuck in that part when the error.
An excellent guide and easy to follow
I use this now to add in custom morph's and figures from G3 and up. Love it and find it absolutely necessary to be able to do so.
I done exactly as shown but I also can't find the morph ingame.
I did make sure that .vmi and .vmb got created but I still don't see the morph...
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