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Scenes Idle for model creators - free animation 2022-09-15

So this is a little idle that will help bring a little life to your models. This is free license so feel free to be free and freely share this with your content that is free...and paid. It would be dumb to make it NC or PC lol.
This is not very long but it gets the point across.

I'll go full youtuber now. If this gets 300 likes I will make a full ''creator content'' pack and release it with free license.
Likes don't really help me but fuck you guys, do something. Nothing is for free, not even gonorrhea.

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Great work!
THX for this free and wonderfull content! I will Love this stuff forever ...
I'm not a creator yet, but this further encourages me to make/share stuff as well.
Nice work. Also liked the lightning
Love the simple idle animation!

What look/appearance @ the 28-30 second mark ?
All looks are mine and not released. Except the nun. Thank you
Agreed with all the other reviewers, these idle stationary Mocaps are awesome.

I personally enjoy the ones that don’t turn around either, but just stand idly with small, feminine movements. It really helps with content creating and making minor adjustments to morphs.

Thanks for making this free!
Thanks there can never be enough idle scenes
I'll make more when I have some time
Excellent work. Thank you for the convenient scene of character production. I have been using the previous version for a long time。
Really great! It's nice to have some more mocaps that are stationary.
I will make a pack soon. I need to think what would creators find useful. You can suggest stuff if you want. By the way I love your light rig
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