Plugins GizmosSystemBeta1 0.2

Bug Fix :
Fix the bug of user feedback.

New Feature :
(For details, please see the introduction video on the details page)

1.A redesigned icon of character control points.
2.You can customize the color of the controller for each character individually.
3.You can choose whether to hide the icon when the controller point is selected (sometimes this icon is annoying).
4.You can choose whether to enable the random color of the controller.
5.Add Draw Scene Colliders.
Fix a serious bug of feedback:

Fixed the problem that the icon size of the character controller is too large.

Reason: I load the Powerhandles plug-in by default.
This plug-in modified the size of the person's controllers, causing me to set the wrong icon size.

Known problem: incompatible with the Powerhandles plug-in.
Loading Powerhanders at the same time makes the character's FreeControllers too small (almost invisible).
The version 0.11 file was uploaded incorrectly. Please skip it directly.
Sorry :(
Bug Fixed :
1. The problem that the light range does not indicate.

New Feature:
The controller's icon is partially customized according to the feedback for Person.
Except that the palm and sole are schematic icons. Others are identified by initials.

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