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At present, I spend a lot of energy on plug-in development, in order to provide more possibilities for the community.
There are some popular plug-ins in my Patreon and they are constantly updated.
And I'm constantly developing new plug-ins.
Good ideas and suggestions are also very welcome.
I really hope you can come to Patreon to support me
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A series of tool sets that assist the display and operation in the scene. Typical ones include: topology display, light audio range display, brand-new character controller Icon, etc. Each tool can be switched on and off independently.

This is a project with increasing functions. Depends on the new idea.
Now there are mainly these functions :
  1. Draw Mesh topology.
  2. Draw auxiliary lines for lighting,audio, etc.
  3. Draw Scene Colliders.
  4. A redesigned icon of character control points.
  5. You can customize the color of the controller for each character individually.
  6. You can choose whether to hide the iconwhen the controller point is selected
    (sometimes this icon is annoying).
  7. All controllers are randomly color distinguished according to Atom.
    The probability of misselection can be greatly reduced.
Useage :
Add as SessionPlugin, All done.



Creadit :
- MacGrubber - thanks for making MacGrubber_Utils.cs, very useful script
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  1. Bug Fix and New Feature

    Bug Fix : Fix the bug of user feedback. New Feature : (For details, please see the introduction...
  2. Emergency Fix: Fixed the problem that the icon size of the character controller is too large.

    Fix a serious bug of feedback: Fixed the problem that the icon size of the character...
  3. Please skip Verson 0.11 directly, Sorry

    The version 0.11 file was uploaded incorrectly. Please skip it directly. Sorry :(

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This is really useful.👌 Thank you.

But why the reference to Gizmos? IIRC, Unity Gizmos are those "manipulation handles" attached to controllers that you use to move/rotate stuff?
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