Free The Belly - Free belly dance (duh)

Scenes Free The Belly - Free belly dance (duh) 2023-01-25

SORRY GUYS I messed up. I now have changed the file with a fixed one. You will be able to hear the music

First let's start with the costume. It was created by @VL_13. It is a work of art in my opinion. Most of his creations are. It was created at our request for belly dancing scenes. This is a paid asset and you can find it here : It's well worth the subscription for this alone.

I was praying to get a belly dancer as a model and now belly dancing is killing me. The reason is that the VAM IK (skeleton) can't keep up with her motions. She does some really cool stuff where it seems like she vibrates but translated to VAM is looks trash. We just need to find a nice balance for that. I did my best to clean the mocap but at times you will be able to see the popping.

You might wanna get rid of the fancy lights for performance.

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cool, but looks like some new kind of perversion, belly dancing in high heels.
I hope at least you won’t do ballet in heels)))
Delete the scene from your hard drive if you don't like it
A free RMC dance, F yeah! Always fine HQ caps, but only 5 stars since your dolls are getting prettier by each release.
next level 👌
Now that's some A #1 high quality mocap there. And I'd say it translated really well. A couple glitches but that's what happens when you push the boundaries.
Thank you for this.
Thank you man. We kind of figured out how to do it and avoid the glitches. We will try that in the future
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