Forest environments and poses

Scenes Forest environments and poses 2021-03-16

Beautiful! Might end up buying a VR headset just so I can visit this place.
These are gorgeous and very enchanting! thankyou so much :)
Thank you, pretty much exactly what I was after.
One of the best environments i have seen in VaM. Incredibly well done.
They only thing I would add is to parent the scene objects so that everything can be positioned to fit different merged scenes.
Or maybe I'm doing it wrong?
That is a good idea. I have most things grouped already. I'll just need to make an atom called "move this" with everything parented to it.
Must Have!
Absolutely beautiful outdoor scenes. Love it. Thanks for taking the time to make them.
Always top tier!
Thanks very much, i don't know how many peoples where waiting for such an simple environment. I tried port over my own from DAZ to Unity but i never got it working correctly. - Have fun in the Forests! That's what she said no? :o)
Been really needing a good-looking shareable forest environment! Thanks so much!!
Looks really cool and great for fantasy screenshots
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