Den of Wickedness

Scenes Den of Wickedness 1.0

I7 8600, 32GB, SSD M.2, GTX2070Super, Valve Index, 25 - 30 FPS, no crashes. Very Nice Idea, i dont like to wait with loading screen (in other scenes) for each position - but i know why its nessesary. But Maybe its better, the Club split in 3 Scenes, each room - one Scene. In this case you have more FPS for Increase the Ambiente and have mor fun with mor FPS. And Please turn off the Musik at the entry, the loop is WAYYY to short. For my one i had to change the looks (of course) but had to change the neutral face (overall) maybe isnt normal but this is my expereince there. To mutch text sorry, but i love the Idea for a Orgie. Hope with VAM 2.0 we had mor space to realize more fantasy
Thank you for the review I truly appreciate it. Splitting it up into scenes is a great idea. And ya the text was a little overkill. Well looks like a re design is in the cards, thanks for the ideas and the system info. I'm glad it didn't crash on you. That's a plus for sure.
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