Cutting room floor Models & Scenes

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Virtualrealityart uses dollmaster for their scenes, do NOT support them. I know they use dollmaster because you need to pay 3 dollars to simply BROWSE what they have available, and you don't get a THING for browser tier, you just get to see what the scenes are like. This is a cashgrab!
This can be made by anyone in 5 minutes, charging insane $$ for this.
You obviously didn't read the description, no one is asking you to buy it, there is plenty of free stuff on here so I recommend to go check it out. Also I can assure you it took a lot longer than 5 minutes, this work was done over the space of 2 years, there is over 100+ downloads, I totally understand you want everything to be free, who doesn't want free stuff ?? and as I said in this post I am working on some free content very soon and it will be high quality. This post is purely for those who are fans of my work and I wasn't even planning on releasing it, so yes don't buy it :) But there's no need to review something 1 star you haven't even tried.

Also If you join any of my Patreon Tiers you might win this content as a prize thats 100+ downloads.
100.00 USD for unfinished material?
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