Content DUMP for OptitrackProject launch - TIME LIMITED

Scenes Content DUMP for OptitrackProject launch - TIME LIMITED 2021-06-10

Reign, please explain how GOALS work on your new patreon at
Your goal is $ 32,862.44.

But that doesn't include the monthly income from your main patreon at
You have a one-time commitment of $ 8, so your monthly income is easy to guess.

November 2020: 585 supporters * 8 USD = 4680 USD
December 2020: 555 supporters * 8 USD = 4440 USD
January 2021: 574 supporters * 8 USD = 4592 USD
February 2021: 465supporters * 8 USD = 3720 USD
March 2021: 390 supporters * $ 8 = $ 3,120.
April 2021: 555 supporters * 8 USD = 4440 USD
May 2021: 617 supporters * $ 8 = $ 4936
June 2021: (547-386) supporters * 8 USD = 1288 USD

TOTAL: 31,216 USD

You already have the money to buy the OptiTrack system.

Even if you spent all the money on yourself and have no savings, you can still build the OptiTrack system yourself because your average monthly income is around $ 4,500 you can buy OptiTrack in seven months.

I want people to understand that Reign's new Patreon will display the wrong amount of dollars.
For example, this month people will pledge to a new patreon $ 500. That is, the goal is achieved only by 500 USD out of $32,862.24? Wrong!
The goal is progressed on $ 5,000 ($ 500 from the new Patreon + $ 4,500 from the old Patreon).
But it will still show only $ 500 on new Patreon. What are you going to do with the money from your old Patreon? Will you use them for buying OptiTrack? Or will you burn it for personal use?
If the latter, then you are not risking anything and it seems to me a scam. Otherwise, you need to include income from both of your Patreons and display the total real amount on the new Patreon page.
Yep I did not have time to set up the new patreon and also I am having trouble figuring out how to do it. The idea is set up a final goal not a montly one. I will get around to doing that but as I stated on aforum that shall not be named, I am doing multiple tasks in the same time.
Yep my patreon made some good cash. A large chunk of it goes to my model, rent, taxes. I don't actually make that much money for myself. And remember it's not coming all at once. Yeah in theory if i did not spend anything I would be able to build it with the money from my patreon in the next 6-7 months. But that's not realistic.
The numbers you are stating are correct and anybody with a half of brain can do the math. It is no big secret?
Why would I risk my main patreon just to scam my own community? It does not make any sense.
I could just sit on my ass and enjoy my main patreon, do the same boring stuff and be happy about it. I stand to gain more from it. As it is, I have started a little war and I am in the middle of it. I might lose and people might hate me but it's freaking worth it.
I can't do it. I can't stop moving forward.

Ok let me explain a scenario. There is this plugin within VAM. Cynthia I think it's called. It's a plugin that is able to deploy BVH files in an order or even randomly. The trouble is we do not have the motion data to feed it. If we would have the motion data and it was designed with VAM in mind, with few modifications we could deploy animations using parameters. We could have a character that moves around the room and does things. We can go as far as taking the user into account or letting the user decide what the character does. A fully interactive and motion captured scene.
As I have stated we do not have the motion data for it. We need to cover every aspect of movement within a room. That's maybe months of work but it can be done. None of it is possible without a strong tracking system.
This are the things I think about and keep me awake at night.
I felt I had to say something myself after reading Donovans review. 30K is alot of money, but when it comes to an optitrak setup thats nothing. their top end system is $147000! Its not like Reign is going to buy their cheap system for 10K to try the system out, then sell/throw that out and spend another 30K on the system that is much more likely to get the precision and tracking he needs.

I wish you the best of luck Reign, your asking for donations and you've always come across as on the level to me
I feel kind of filthy asking for money but I found no other way around it. That's my thinking going after a powerful system. Go all in or go home. Thanks dude.
Fckn Legend
ReignMocap, you are wrong about multiple things in your message and you give people misinformation.
I don't know why you are doing it - maybe because of the lack of knowledge or you are trying to exploit your patrons and get "easy" money from them.

Before I point these things let me introduce myself - I am an engineer working in a professional mocap studio. My role is to calibrate and setup equipment and software and make sure everything works the best way possible.
We provide mocap services for game studios and entertainment industry. Mainly we use Optitrack and XSens, but tried Rokoko as well.

Okay, now about things that disturbed me in your "happy" and "exciting" message:
1) You ask patrons to give you $32,895.72 but I know that for a start you need only $10-11K to buy six Flex 13 cameras and a suit. Later you can buy additional six cameras to increase your tracking for two people.
Agaon, you do NOT need $32K. Understand it. Start small. Don't set unrealistic goals.

2) Rokoko suit HAS absolute positioning. You would know it if you had a suit. I think you are lying you had it. Rokoko support team is very responsive - most of the time they reply withing 24 hrs.
You could ask them about absolute positioning or browse through their FAQ:
Attach one Vive tracker near your neck and that's it - absolute positioning is ON.

3) OptiTrack is not a magic bullet. It's an optical system that uses very basic principle - cameras track markers. If at least two cameras can't see a marker - they can't triangulate 3D position of it.
Occlusion is a BIG problem in OptiTrack too. I will repeat - if cameras can't see trackers - you will receive BAD data that need manual cleanup.

4) About "hard cleaning" of mocaps. Data from OptiTrack is FAR from perfect. You still need to clean it in Motive. Using the same "smooth" tools and other ones.
Our technical artist spends days cleaning each mocap first in Motive, then spend even more days in MoBu. Usually cleaning of 3 mins of mocap in Motive takes one day of his time.

1) OptiTrack can be better for some use cases than Rokoko but it is not a good fit for sex animations where two bodies need to intersect and obscure each other.
You better off with XSens.
2) Rokoko tracking quality is low-medium. I do not recommend to use it for sex animations of two people.
3) You don't need $30K to test OptiTrack. $10K setup will provide the same results and will revela the same problems related to optical solutions.

You have these options:
1) Continue using Vive trackers
2) Buy XSense and subscribe to their online cloud processing tool for "HD reprocessing". It will provide good results for a single person (stripper animations) or even for sex with two people.
3) Buy OptiTrack for $10K. Prepare to spend days cleaning mocaps in Motive. Then days in MoBu. After retargeting to a different 3D characters your MoBu mocap will break. Each time (different human proportions).

Most importantly, Don't exploit loyalty of your patreon supporters. They don't have to pledge $30K.
I am one of your patrons and I am disapponted that you released all your library for free. Second time. I think I will unsubscribe and won't wait for third time.
It was a matter of time until this happened. No one is exploiting anybody. Yes Rokoko has absolute positioning with a vive tracker attached but the quality of the mocap has no real resolution. I have tested it already. Cleaning it makes it look weird because the loss of resolution. Yeah the guys at Rokoko are cool but the suit is not made for high resolution or for a system like VAM where every bit of detail matters. No one is saying that this will be easy and it will take a lot of work to get it right. The idea is that the mocaps will be on my main patreon at the same price. I will maintain the 8 dollars pledge no matter the system I use.
If you do the math I am shooting myself in the leg. I am making a bit of money now but if I make the studio that stuff will cost money to maintain and pay rent. So less money for me. Also proffesional models and dancers will ask for cash. I am not doing this for the money. Maybe in time my community will grow but that is not a given. And why would I half ass it and just build half a system? If the community is willing to help it's now or never. I already know it works. I already know the resolution is what we need. So what if I need to do retargeting? It's just work I am willing to do.
If you would take the time to watch the demos there is a lot of contact between the models and I see no problem with it. I do really hope the suit works and in that case the money will go back to the backers and i'll switch to a suit. I did extensive testing and I was not happy with the results.
Xsense might work because it seems better but I do not trust inertial tracking over optical.
I am not even going to talk about ''elevation'' from ground because it just looks stupid when you try to do it.

From where I stand I am top creator for VAM trialed by combat and you are just some dude. And we all know the internet is not full of trolls.
No one is forced to donate or listen to me. Not a cent of this will go to my pocked. Also i'd like you to dress a stripper with Rokoko and get her on the pole. See how it goes. Trust me. It ain't working.

Everybody knows I am not taking shit and I will always defend my position. To be honest I don't need your support or your 8 bucks.
Also I don't want to test it. I want to build it.
Reign MoCap. As a studio and I personally also want to wish you the best possible outcome for your massive project! Whether its with a Mocap suit or with this advanced "Optitrack" system our main goals remains always the same. We are here together with dozens of other fantastic creators/artist to deliver those dreams wich are finally becoming slowly reality. Everyone in his/her very own style and love. I take my hat off your visionary, ambitions believing in the future of VaM & MoCap in general. Keep it up!
Thank you my friend. I really hope I am wrong about the suit. To be honest you guys are doing mostly dances so the suit might work. Keep me posted on the progress. I've always wondered you guys are and I am glad you are such nice people. Good luck to you. Can't wait to see new content
I love your work and love lot more your energy to put Mocap in VAM to the Moon, i going to help you
Thank you man. We are going to the moon man.
It feels wrong to download anything from you for free when others are paying, so I won't do that. If I become a patron, then I will download stuff. You're pretty generous!
No worry man. Take it . Have fun
I've been around since right around when you started. You continue to grow and aim higher than anyone else I know in the MoCap area. I strongly suggest you provide detailed feedback to MeshedVR. You've built up one heck of a reputation here so use that to everyones advantage to impact VAM 2.0.

I'm really fighting for officially supported API's to support the booming interactive VR toy industry. This could easily translate to supporting interactive haptics. Imagine people able to not only see and hear, but feel the experiences you create.

Also, remember that your working with a technology (VAM) that is still in it's infancy. Some of the motion tracking going on in the adult industry right now is really hindered by the initial cost. VAM takes care of half of the cost issue an equipment is getting cheaper by the day.

Keep up the good work and continue building your legacy.
I have already talked to meshed about this. I actually asked for hid permission to do this. He said there is no need to ask for permission. He has been really supportive of my work. He is one of my patreons lol. Vam will become better and better and I want the tracking to keep up. If i manage to build this thing...the shit I am going to do...keeps me up at night. Even if no one supports this I will still find a way to build it. My friend is a pole dancer contest winner and can’t wait to be tracked. I need this setup to do it. We shall see what the future holds for us. Also thank you for your kind words
This AI based multi webcams capture just came out. A free demo you may try.
Sadly not good enough
Reign! Love your mocaps, and you seem like a really chill guy. Thanks for the content dump- but €27,000 is a lot! I'm a bit concerned about your location too. If you get a whole studio for this I'd expect it to be in Hollywood or something so other creators could pay you to use it. I hope other vammers get the chance to make things with Optitrack.

Anyway I never pay for anything but I respect your goal and I want vam to get better so if you get more patrons for the project (like €10,000) I'll join with the 2nd tier.
I agree. 27 000 is a lot of cash. But then again people are rasing money for all sorts of stupid stuff. This serves a purpose to the community and the future of Vam. Also my backers will get their money worth for backing this project. This is mu gig and I don’t see why other should use the system. Not trying to be a dick.
Reigns the og mocap guy around here at this point, my mans tried it all and if this is what's gonna work lets set it up for him
Thank you dude. I really hope we make it. Time will tell. I will push hard for this.
I like Reigns work and now i have it for free so 5 stars for that! Also this new project is very exciting and ambitious. Another 5 stars for even trying something new! so that's um...5+5..= not my strong suit...sooo it equals... INFINITY AND BEYOND! Shoot for the moon and even if you miss you'll land among the stars haha :-D
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