Caged By The Beast: Lite

Scenes Caged By The Beast: Lite 1

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Head Collider must be enabled!!!

Content Warning - - - This scene explores a number of niche kinks, which are not for everyone; examples of included niche sexual content are as follows: Monsters, Size difference, Hyper play, Cuckolding, Dub-con, NTR.

Please let me know of any bugs in the discussion board. This scene is highly complex, and I fully expect that something will break. Make sure you have all of the dependencies! Plugins are a must!!!

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I always love when a scene is soooo beyond what I'm into but is so well executed. Truly well done, even if not my cup of tea! Super impressed.
Wow!!! This scene is AMAZING!! I enjoy LutherSlades works, but he certainly outdid himself on this one! Keep up the good work!
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