Breezy Kitty + Futa Remixed look for Metachat

Looks Breezy Kitty + Futa Remixed look for Metachat 3

Reduced the size of all the characters thighs cuz they got in the way during sex, oh well haha
Added a new "White Kitty" look to the female who is her extremely submissive counterpart :3

Credit to Marzipan for creating the look i used - Stacy
VRDollz - fetish collar
YameteOuji - pantyhose
WeebU - Corset dress
, futa hair, morphs, futa fishnets
Miki - Fluffy cat ears for female & futa
mopedlampe - eyes
OniEkohvius - gloves
TGC - Boots
Acidbubbles - collider editor
SupaRioAmeteur - panties, nails
MeshedVR - Futa panties
Wasserchan - for the background scene in pics

And HUGE thank you to VaMoose for all of their help! Ty Sensei! :)
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