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Paid Plugins BootyMagic alpha (obsolete) 1.0-alpha3 / 3.var

A basic dynamic morphing setup is now implemented. The setup includes up, down, left, right and depth in morphing, but each direction only uses very few morphs at this point.

It's far from complete, except for the depth in morphing which is actually looking pretty great already. The glutes expand in width and height when pushed in, preserving the volume. The butt actually feels like it has some substance now!

In the plugin UI, the Morph Multipliers tab now has sliders to configure the amount of morphing:


Instead of "Back" and "Forward", the depth morphing sliders are called Depth In and Depth Out, respectively. The Depth Out slider is disabled since there are currently no morphs being adjusted in that direction.

Finally, this version includes a few physics tweaks. Fat back force had to be dramatically reduced in order to prevent a feedback loop issue between the morphs and the glute joint angle. Fat damper is increased, plus a few other parameters were adjusted a little as well.

  • The plugin now uses the 8 hard colliders that are normally enabled only when soft physics is off
  • Fixed the plugin initialization error that was present in alpha 1. Remember though that if soft physics is off when loading the plugin, it's still off, the plugin doesn't force it on. Enable it from Physics Params.
  • Base collision force is increased from 0.75 to 1 (at least for now).
  • Main joint spring reduced a bit to let the hard colliders have effect on the glute joint more easily.
  • Fat collider radius is increased slightly. It might still be too low - depends on butt size. (No scaling implemented yet)
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