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Paid Plugins BootyMagic alpha (obsolete) 1.0-alpha3 / 3.var

This resource is replaced by Naturalis which includes a completed BootyMagic alongside TittyMagic in a single package. (Naturalis is in early access until June 6.)
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 3: Basic dynamic morphing setup

    A basic dynamic morphing setup is now implemented. The setup includes up, down, left, right and...
  2. Alpha 2: More hard colliders

    The plugin now uses the 8 hard colliders that are normally enabled only when soft physics is off...

Latest reviews

A good start to a new plugin. I love tittymagic because not only does it add awesome physics but also helps my work load because everything is Automatic. With Bootymagic as I said it is a good start, but it is missing all the setttings that Tittymagic has due to being new, so it is understandable. Later in it's life I can see both plugins being on par and I look forward to future updates. Great work!
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