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Substance Painter recently added UDIM support, now you can paint across uv tile, still need a bit setup to actually paint. This SP template aim at give you a head start.
Blender Template included in the package as well, since it also very useful in certain scenario.
These template help you to paint eyelid, mouth, inner mouth, fingers, toes, genitals, inner vagina. at least on the large part. its low poly g2f tho, there are cases you would want to use high poly model to paint, but my gpu struggles sometimes.
My personal opinion on those two software after painting in them lately are below.

  • Great with individual texture for fixing seams or adding a small decal
  • Export textures is more direct but less configurable
  • There is always a plugin in to help you to certain degree
  • Sometime clone tool wont play good with 8k mirror painting.
  • Crashing randomly (2.83)
  • No layer support without plugin
  • No projections for advance painting setup
  • Outdated tutorials wont help you much
Substance Painter:
  • Layer support, feels like Photoshop on steroid
  • Projection painting is unique and great for certain type of texture
  • Professional software pipeline integration
  • Great tutorials on all things Substance
  • Expensive software requires monthly payment
  • Sometime clone tool laggy with 8k mirror painting
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Excellent, thank you.
So sweet!
Thanks for making this.
I really like using substance painter, I thought it was easy to use before, but man, how I was wrong :D Thank you for this template, greatly appreciated!
its actually not that bad after the uv tile update. knows photoshop? its almost 1 to 1 transfer the skills over.
This is super handy
Thanks for this, really useful. Any plans on a G2M version?
I have a blend. for g2m, but yet sp
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