Looks Android07 2021-04-30

This Look requires the Hunting-Succubus Glass Plugin.
It is not directly available on the Hub, so you need to download it first and put the .var file in your AddonPackages folder

Download Glassbody Plugin

Open the Android07 Scene and save the look however you want to.
All items are clothing items so you don't need to copy any additional unity assets for the look.







About this Look:
The skin is a regular clothing item with a geoshell of the Gen2 Female model.
The transparent skin is the same geoshell with different settings directly underneath the other geoshell.
This means you can replace the skin in the texture settings of the clothing item with any other of your skin textures (but you should keep the textures for spec, gloss, alpha, normal and decal to keep the general android look)


The look comes with 2 faces to choose, so if you don't like the grunge look you can choose the normal one instead

And i also made additional textures for pink eyes instead of the standard blue

the downside of all of this stuff is, that the original Gen2 Model doesnt have any genitals, so i had to get a little creative to make this shit "usable". It is far from perfect but still worthy to share.
Same goes for the mouth, just believe me when i tell you to keep her mouth shut because this girl licked some serious glue 😅

Since you can not create "internal clothing" in vam, i assembled all internals outside the body and then shrunk it down afterwards. Again ... not perfect but ok.

This is my first post and the first time i created a .var file and i really hope this works as intended 😂

I have much more (and way more twisted) shit in my mind but i am absolutely new to everything 3D related, the only thing i am really good at is Photoshop so you can count on ridiculously slow drop rates from me 🙋‍♂️

I am open to any feedback on how to improve this stuff so feel free to roast me and my mother in the comment section

The Look contains only the Female model and the pink-blue hair, any other clothing or unity assets used for the Screenshots are not included (but free an can be downloaded on the hub)
Have fun
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Latest reviews

Dude, this is effin unbelievable. Well DONE!
Reaaally impressive! "Internal" clothing is quite stunning... Nice idea, beautifully done! I can't imagine what it would be when you'll consider yourself good with 3D, as it's already terrific ;)
if i were able to do my own 3d stuff, i wouldn't need to bend ropes around my character in daz or download a robot spider from sketchfab to make a head-cable connector for the back xD ... i am really just an absolute beginner so i just put together already existing stuff. But i already put "lean blender" to my to do list, not only for the vam stuff but also for me personally
Creative and unique look with the internal structures and cables. The red cables looks too much like blood veins for me so I changed the colors to blue (royal blood?).
Thank you! I started with a way more horror-looking model and put a invisible red light inside of the ribcage so the cables matched and gave it a good scary overall look. The exterior for the android got more "friendly" but I stuck with the red cables
This is GENIUS! You could have just made a geoshell skin with some transparency and everyone would be amazed, but no, you added internal cables and a ribcage... I am really impressed, hats off!
Man, such a positive rating from you, I really appreciate it! As always, it's all the details, right? :D But I had to stop myself after labelling some of the cables xD
Fantastic work.
thank you :)
Simply one of if not the best android look in the game right now
Thank you for your kind words! I just see it as a different approach to the "original" Android/Cyborg stuff from WadeVRX and WeebUVR
Incredibly good. Just need to get that mouth working, and then it'll be jaw-dropping
This whole thing started just as a experiment with no intention to share, but i think that the stuff of Hunting-Succubus is heavily underrated so i thought fuck it, let's spread it ... i will try to improve this and maybe find some ways to use the original parts of the model for head/genitals or make a better geoshell. But at the moment i am just a absolute beginner to all of this stuff which means i have countless ideas for non-standard vam stuff and no clue how to make it happen xD
Im speechless, top tier quality look. Well done!
Thank you!
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