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Paid Scenes All Day 2021-05-22

Hey everyone! Here's an interactive threesome scene where the guy is in control. You can pick which girl you want to have sex with, or just watch them play with themselves! You can watch a preview video here.

The scene is designed to take advantage of my recent Day/Night Bedroom environment, so you can play around with the lighting and click on the clock to swap between day and night.

The scene has various features, including:
  • Swap between the girls at any time or just sit back and watch them play with themselves. Every transition is fully animated.
  • Control the scene lighting by clicking on the clock, light switch or lava lamp button.
  • All the characters have a full arousal system, moaning harder and louder as time goes on (Thank you to VAMMoan).
  • Press CAPSLOCK to instantly possess the male's head. You can enjoy the scene in first-person, voyeur, or even watch it on the TV screen.
  • Using the clipboard, you can control various functions of the scene, such as toggling on/off clothing, reflections, soft body physics, controlling thrust speed, changing the male's skin colour or the female voices etc.
  • If your PC can't handle 3 active models, you can disable the second female using the clipboard. This will automatically adjust the scene to work with just one male and female.

Every dependency can be auto-downloaded in VaM.

As always, thank you to Acid Bubbles for Timeline, and of course all other plugin developers, hairstyle/asset creators etc. (Full credits below).

Preview 1.gif

Preview 2.gif

Preview 3.gif

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... not just some typical modest banal loops .... when feelings matters: then this is the right scene: unbelievable great animations with no issues during transitions (rare!!!!) !!!! Hold on!... so one more trial, it's true... magic things happen with Vam. "Simple" projects (with a lot of work behind) sometimes can give final great result.
Thank you so much! I always work hard to include some randomization in my scenes so they don't get too repetitive. I'm really glad you liked it and thank you for the review!
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