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- added number padding support (leading 0s) to DynamicNumbers

- added First & Last operations to DynamicNumbers

- added random number support to DynamicNumbers

- added new DynamicPosition plugin - can be added to any atom, allows triggering position & rotation updates

- spacing fixes on plugin interface


I wanted a random pose generator scene and updated AETools v3 with some features I needed for it. I also added a very powerful new plugin that allows setting the position of the containing atom. You can with buttons now move and rotate any atom to a specific position (0,0,0) or change just one axis (e.g. multilevel scene, move the person to top floor) , or add or substract to any axis (e.g. rotate 90 degrees to the left)


- did it very quickly and forgot to update the info on the new plugin (title,description in the plugin menu still says DynamicNumbers instead of DynamicPosition i think). will added it in a future update
- no demo scene, my next scene AEStudio will act as a demo for the new features, might add a demo scene to this plugin as well in the future to highlight the features and make them easier to understand for new users
- Created a new plugin Dynamic Conditions for logical conditions that can be used with the other plugins in aetools in order to get more complex stuff done easier and way faster in vam

- updated the dynamic numbers demo to also make use of this plugin. When the balance changes, there are two conditions in place, and if the balance is less or greater than 10000, a text field gets updated with either "rich" or "poor". That text is automatically included then in the dialogue
- added divide, multipy operations
- added min/max support to allow highscore system as requested

Demo for dynamic numbers updated with highscore logic:
added 2 more tools to the dynamic text one and grouped them as a pack
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