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Experimental tools used to create more dynamic content faster. The interface is simple but the plugins are meant for somewhat advanced users. The plugins must be added to a text atom. They will interact with the content of that text atom. Proof of concept Visual Novel demo included.


Huge thanks to MacGruber for making and sharing MacGruber_Utils.cs which helped a lot in figuring out how to do stuff with vam plugins

- This plugin must be added to a text atom. It allows setting up a callback and a condition. When the callback is triggerd, it will run only if the condition is true. T = Text value, V = the variable set in the condition.

- allows setting a formula for the text atom with multiple variables like {variable1}. Variables can be either a string, a list of strings separated by "|", a reference to another atom by @{ID} where ID is another text atom in the scene, or any combination of these


- allows for some quick basic math & setting up min & max values for a text field. This allows for setting up things like points, scores,etc. in vam and integrating them in dialogue/other content quickly. There's also an onUpdate trigger included, so when the value updates, some other actions can be called

- experimental and recommended for advanced users. It includes a trigger and a search field. Whenever that plugin trigger is called, it replaces all that it founds matching the search field with whatever is in the text atom at that time. It's a peasant way of simulation function triggers, instead of having to do things multiple times like show atom 1, show atom 2, show atom3, you can do it once by setting the trigger to show atom {x}, and then having {x} as the search field. The text field then acts as a parameter holder for that callback, if the text value is 99, it will do show atom 99.

^ skip to 1:00 for the plugin logic; 1st minute i was showcasing how to create new slides for the VN

Demos included. In the dynamic callbacks which is a proof of concept VN demo I make use of all the 3 plugins. The text plugin is for the dialogue. I use the number plugin on the red text (slide state holder) as a quick way to a callback whenever it's updated. From other places I then just set that field to another value and the slide changes. The callback that happens on the numbers plugin is to the callback plugin which has some triggers to change the subscene to something like subscene{i} and {i} gets replaced with the variable.
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Latest reviews

Moving and rotating atoms with button calls is something I have been wanting for such a long time! Awesome. Thanks.
yup, I wanted it longtime myself too, it makes some stuff way faster to do. i'm happy you like it!
This stuff is pretty complex and needs some digging into. But this surely is something really nice, and something which is missing from VAM. Especially the Dynamic Callback Triggers are a great tool, and for instance, allow for dynamic filename creation for saving files. Or whatever you want, that needs to be dynamic.
With dynamic numbers, this just became one of my dream plugins! It was already great before, now it's even better.
V nice, thank you.
Very nice, easy to use. A simple tool to improve generic text with some more variation. This is also easily combined with VAMCUI to really have good looking *and* dynamic text windows.
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